Fraser lights out two players in the run-up to cup finals: ‘Make it special’

April 30, 2017, it is a date that evokes a fine memory among Vitesse supporters. On that day, the club took the first prize in the club history, winning the KNVB Cup at the expense of AZ. Henk Fraser, then trainer of Vitesse, talks about the cup win and the final of next Sunday against Ajax. He lights out two players: Dusan Tadic and Oussama Tannane.
Fraser, now coach of Sparta Rotterdam, is happy to think back on the winning cup finals. โ€œThe run-up, the day itself, everything that came out after: that was very special,โ€ says the trainer in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œAlso because as a trainer you experience it much more consciously than as a player. As a player you take a look at the field before the game, but you dont really get everything around it. As a trainer, I really looked around me.โ€
This year, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, there are no supporters present at the final, but Fraser expects enough spectacle. โ€œI love someone like Dusan Tadic,โ€ he says. โ€œBecause of the way he plays and how I see him as a human being. He has so many qualities, always retains his value to the team, and because of his personality he is an example for many players. So balanced and an absolute leader. Those are people I have a lot of feelings about. As I have with Oussama Tannane.โ€
Fraser was already dealing with Tannane when he was still active as a youth trainer. โ€œA super special player. The funny thing I find is that men who are special always look differently. If a game is difficult, this type of guys immediately evoke a lot of resistance. I look forward to Tadic and Tannane, men who make the game special in my eyes.โ€