Fraser must ‘disappoint’ players: ‘The only one I take is Beugelsdijk’

Henk Fraser is proud to have been asked by Louis van Gaal to act as his assistant at Orange. The bullet isn‘t through the church yet, but Sparta’s practice master makes it clear that that‘s a matter of time.
Fraser will combine his work at Orange with the course as Sparta’
s head coach. The club and the union would like to work with him. โ€œI had the feeling of being on the right track as a trainer for a while,โ€ the coach says opposite Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œThen it‘s great that Louis van Gaal would like you to join the Dutch team. I certainly feel a kind of pride, yes.โ€
With Van Gaal, Fraser and Danny Blind as former players, the entire staff of Orange gets a Spartan background. โ€œThat’
s perhaps the most beautiful thing. It proves the great value Sparta has for Dutch football. Whether it‘s round already? Sparta will remain leading and I don’t want to say too much about it now.โ€
Some players of the Castle Club said with a smile to hope that they will now get into the Dutch team faster. Fraser has an appropriate answer to that. โ€œThe only Spartan I take to Orange is Tom Beugelsdijk.โ€