Fred van Leer: ‘Terrible what has happened’

Fred van Leer responded for the first time on Friday night to the leakage of the sex video in which he was shown. The presenter will let you know that it takes time to process everything. โ€œIts terrible what happened.โ€

On Thursday, the day the verdict in the case of Patricia Paays infamous sex video was delivered, it became known that Fred van Leer was a victim of the leakage of a sex video. The presenter is now being heard for the first time. โ€œI am tremendously moved by all the sweet messages and the compassion. Its terrible what happened,โ€ he says on social media. โ€œI need time to process it, which is why Im offline in the coming time. I am surrounded by sweet people who take good care of me,โ€ he continues.

It is still not known whether the presenter intends to make a report. โ€œWe do know that something is in circulation. This is private, which should also remain private,โ€ they let us know if requested. Also the police Rotterdam will not give information on a possible declaration by the presenter on Friday due to privacy.

Distributing such videos is punishable. By chance, on Thursday, the distributors of Patricia Paays infamous sex video were sentenced to a one-month imprisonment and parole of 50 hours respectively. Although the diva is disappointed in the punishment, she stressed that the prosecution took the case so seriously. โ€œLet us set an example for the future. That this must never be accepted again. For people who ever have to experience this, I strongly advise, go to the police and file a report. No one has the right to harm your private life in this way.โ€