Fred van Leer threatened in attempted robbery

Two men in PostNL outfit tried to enter the house of stylist and presenter Fred van Leer (44) on Wednesday morning. In addition, they threatened the stylist, who opened the door, with a firearm. However, Fred van Leer managed to prevent the robbers from entering. He was slightly injured, he confirms on Instagram.

โ€œ They tried to rob me this morning, two boys in PostNL suits and a wig on, a very ugly by the way. Im threatened with a firearm,โ€ he says in a video on Instagram. โ€œI didnt get punched. You know who did get punched? Those guys who were down the stairs. Im going to file a report now. Its gonna be okay, I feel strong. I feel strong because of you.โ€

Bruised rib

, but he says he has a bruised rib. โ€œThat does indeed hurt a lot. And by! Thats easy to say, of course. I have very nice people around me. Praise me. So look closely when you open the door. And for all those who think there is something to get it: if you want to walk out the door with a very large painting, you can. But the stairs are high!โ€

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The robbers finally ran off to the C.P. Tielestraat. Both robbers wore a PostNL outfit. According to police, a robber is slightly tinted and has short black hair. The other robber was probably wearing a black wig and wearing a hat. Police found a firearm nearby that was secured by forensic investigators. The police did extensive trace research on and around the house on Wednesday morning. The hunt for the two robbers is in full swing

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The life of Van Leer has recently been completely upside down after a sex video of him was distributed in early November. A few days after the spread of the video recording, the stylist was hauled out of his house by the fire department. He ended up in the hospital after that. Meanwhile he had returned to work after a fierce time.