Free ‘Battle for Berlin’ at Enlisted dedicated to ‘live’ trailer

In late April 1945, the Red Army began storming Berlin, and capitulated on 2 May the garrison of the Reichstag. So 76 years ago the Second World War ended in Europe. And now all Enlisted players can take part in the final of the Berlin offensive operation.

From May 7 to May 10, Gaijin dedicated to Victory Day open access to the campaign โ€œBattle for Berlinโ€. It is currently in closed testing, but during the free weekend all players can get acquainted with her.

The campaign โ€œBattle for Berlinโ€ includes real battles: breakthrough through the Moltke Bridge, the battles for the Krol-Opera building and Goebbels villa, fighting at Hitlers bunker and on Kรถnigsplatz, on the approaches to the Reichstag. After the free weekend, access to the campaign will remain with depositors and buyers of the โ€œBattle for Berlinโ€ kit.

It can be purchased at a discount, for 2500 rubles. And after testing is completed, the campaign will be available to everyone else.

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