Free Coronate Tests for Pets in Capital South Korea

South Koreans with sniffing dogs or cats can have their pet tested free of charge in capital Seoul. A spaniel with a fever and a runny nose was the first turn on Wednesday, the local authorities say. A veterinarian lifted the animal so that the test could be performed. It was not immediately clear whether the dog was also infected with the virus.

Not all South Koreans can get their pet tested. Only the sick cats and dogs of coronapatics are eligible. According to the news agency Yonhap, the owners are asked to ensure that their four-legged friends do social distancing. They need to keep at least two meters away from other people and animals.

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The South Korean government came up with guidelines for testing pets last week. This happened after a cat in Jinju was the first pet in South Korea to test positive for the virus. Two people in the animals household were also infected. If owners themselves become too ill to take care of their infected cat or dog, the animal can be transferred to a special quarantine location in Seoul.