Free kick Duarte is not enough for Groningen, NEC comes alongside in final phase

NEC Nijmegen and FC Groningen have left a point in the game in the Gofferstadion. Groningen seemed to be winning for a long time, but the home team came alongside at the last minute. It became 1-1 in Nijmegen.
At Groningen, Jørgen Strand Larsen started and Jasper Cillessen was allowed to make his home return to his club with the home team. The goalkeeper was allowed to take immediate action after a few minutes and offered clever rescue on a deployment by Paulos Abraham. After more than twenty minutes, Oussama Tannane was allowed to dock for a free kick, but managed to save goalkeeper Michael Verrips twice.
Both teams managed to create some opportunities, but looked for the changing rooms with the glasses stand. In the second act, fewer chances were played together, but the only hit of the match fell. Tannane floored Larsen Beach and Groningen was allowed to take a free kick. Duarte planted a quarter of an hour before time and curled in beautifully. Just before time, Strand Larsen seemed to double the score, but his bet ended up hard in the side net.
In the final phase, NEC tried to force a goal with man and power and succeeded just before the injury time. Ibrahim Cissoko managed to find the net, causing both teams to step off the field with a point, partly because Cillessen acted firmly in a shot by Strand Larsen in the closing minute. Due to the draw, Groningen can be found in eighth place with five points, NEC follows in ninth place with four points.