Free lap dance at vaccination in USA

The American counterpart of the GGD has partnered with a well-known strip club in Las Vegas to convince residents to get vaccinated. The strip club gives away exceptional perks such as a car ride in a limousine or an erotic dance. Elsewhere in the country lotteries shoot like mushrooms out of the ground to get Americans on the spot.

The Southern Nevada Health District, in collaboration with Larry Flynts Hustler Club, has opened a new vaccination pop-up clinic in the heart of Las Vegas.

The first hundred visitors who came to get a shot last Friday, got a little extra at the end. The happiest ones, the fastest ones, were able to win a platinum membership card. Other presents were a bottle of alcohol, a free dance from a vaccinated entertainer or tickets to an erotic show. Also, rides in a limousine were given away. The support package cost a total of 5000 dollars.

The erotic center has been trying to stimulate vaccination for a long time. Previously, employees of the branch already gave out free shots of booze to people with vaccination.

$5 million

The action of the strip club fits into a broader trend. Throughout America, heaven and earth seem to be moving to persuade people to get vaccinated. For example, the governor of Maryland came up with a lottery with all kinds of cash prizes ranging from 40,000 to 400,000 dollars โ€” just for vaccinates, according to the Washington Post. In New York they have a variant up to 5 million dollars, Ohio comes with five draws of 1 million euros.

Employers are starting to stimulate their employees. For example, they get paid leave for a vaccine; supermarket chain Aldi gives away 4 hours, yoghurt maker Chobani promises three free hours per dose. Bolthouse Farms gives a bonus of 500 euros for a vaccination certificate, Lidl 200 dollars.

Daily donut

Vaccinees in New Jersey can win a dinner with Governor Phil Murphy, says Metro. The winner has a choice of dinner in his mansion or the beach house in Island Beach State Park. In New York and Washington, an association that strives for legalization of weed was spotted distributing joints in a row for a vaccination center.

Finally, the well-known donut manufacturer Krispy Kreme promised a free donut per day (!) to every American who got vaccinated. Hilarity, a few days of fuss โ€” but do people actually come back every day for a doughnut? Of course, its America. The 45-year-old cartoon artist Joe Caramagna has already received his vaccination certificate for 31 days and has already collected 31 donuts, wrote Slate a few days ago. Caramagna has announced that he hasnt been eaten yet.