Free prologue released for Squadron 51s FMV adventure

Brazilian studio Loomiarts, backed by Chinese publisher WhisperGames and Assemble Entertainment, released a free demo of their arcade adventure in the vein of 1950s Squadron 51. Traditionally, it is designed as an independent prologue. The introductory prologue includes three levels of the game with English voice acting and a new, previously unshown boss.

In their mission to protect Earth from alien invasion, players can equip their aircraft with a variety of gadgets. A black and white game with story FMV inserts tells you how the hopefuls prosperity alien contact has turned its dark side, and former partners have shown their predatory essence.

Players will have to choose one of four planes with special weapons and mow down all armies aliens with their bosses. It will be done in a variety of locations: snowy mountains, forests, skyscrapers, and so on.

Squadron 51 will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But not this year, as initially reported, but only next.

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