Free the Weekend: Call of Duty Beta Roller: Black Ops Cold War

Activision released a short video of the open beta Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, presenting fresh shots of the shooter and a list of modes for the upcoming testing. Officially the list of maps is not yet called, but in the video showed โ€œMoscowโ€, โ€œMiamiโ€, โ€œArmadaโ€, โ€œSputnikโ€ and โ€œCrossroadsโ€ โ€” all five locations from the September Alpha. Among the modes will be at least: โ€œTeam Deathmatchโ€ (Domination) โ€œEscort VIPโ€ (VIP Escort) โ€œMurder confirmedโ€ (Kill Confirmed) โ€œCombined Armsโ€ .

As part of the testing, players will be given to try a new system of creating a class and customizing weapons, as well as a system of rewards for efficiency — now they are given out gradually, so strong players will not be able to โ€œspamโ€ with all sorts of helicopters and airstrikes. Beta Schedule October 8-9 โ€” Pre-order Access on PS4 October 10-12 โ€” Open Beta on PS4 October 15-16 โ€” Pre-order Access on Xbox One and PC, Open Beta on PS4 17-19 October โ€” Open Beta on all platforms.

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