Free weekends have started at Crusader Kings III — they will last until March 21

The creators of Crusader Kings III announced the start of the free weekend – everyone can play strategy on Steam until March 21. The promotion was timed to the release of the Scandinavian supplement Northern Lords, which costs 175 rubles. In addition, today Crusader Kings III itself received a major 1.

3 update. The expansion focuses primarily on Viking culture, and according to the description on Steam, it includes: Kingdoms of the Discoverers.

Nordic characters will be able to leave their native home, go camping and establish a new kingdom. Yomsvikings and warriors.

Warriors from religious fraternity and valiant warriors will protect the honor of the player in battle, and the poems will lay down caustic couplets and romantic sagas. New sides of Scandinavian culture.

Special heritage options for Scandinavian dynasties, court duel, cultural innovations and new events. New design and music.

Works by artists and composers will add original colors to the game. And not only! The other day Paradox spoke about the development of Crusader Kings III, Stellaris and Surviving Mars, and also announced May PDXCon – here will present a new game Paradox Development Studio.

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