Freedom Planet 2 developers update two-year-old trailer

Galaxy Trail studio has announced that it is going to release sci-fi retro action film Freedom Planet 2 in spring 2022. And an unusual video has been timed to coincide with this announcement: the developers have updated the trailer, released in 2019, adding fresh gameplay footage, including from a new map. Freedom Planet 2 is the sequel game that was released in 2014 and on Steam received extremely positive reviews (96% of recommendations).

Over time, the game was released on consoles and mobile platforms, and by then it was forgotten that Freedom Planet was conceived as an amateur project based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Money for the first part the studio collected through Kickstarter, and the sequel managed to be made with its own funds.

New mechanics are promised for Freedom Planet 2, including players suggestions, a fourth playable character, and other add-ons and upgrades. Freedom Planet 2 free demo is available on Steam and on the official website.

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