Freek Bartels plays the role of Jesus in The Passion

This year‘s The Passion is leading roles for Freek Bartels, Rob Dekay and Leo Alkemade. Those three names were announced during De Vooravond.

Music star Freek Bartels plays the role of Jesus. โ€œIt is a great honour to be asked for such a spectacle,โ€ he said at the table at Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer. Rob Dekay takes the role of Judas. When asked if he recognizes himself in Judas, he chuckled yes. โ€œI think everyone has a little Judas in them.โ€

Leo Alkemade plays the role of Peter, who, according to the presenter, is the actual bastard of the company. โ€œI’m going to do my best, but Peter is the one who eventually betrayed Jesus, right?โ€

Previously, it was announced that Humberto Tan takes on the task of narrator. Trijntje Oosterhuis plays Maria.

The musical Easter event can be seen live on 1 April at NPO 1.