French (29) found dead in ravine Crete

The 29-year-old French Violet Gigano was found dead in a ravine on the Greek island of Crete. The woman was missing for six days.

Gigano, a nurse from Nantes in France, had gone to Crete on vacation alone. On June 24, she told her parents to go from Chania to Elafinissi on foot. She was supposed to stay two nights in a hotel in the village of Palaiochora, but never arrived there according to Creta Post.

On June 29, Violet would fly back to France. But the woman didnt come home. Thats why the French police were engaged, who informed their colleagues in Greece.

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Thursday, Violet Giganos body was found in a ravine next to a hiking trail. The womans car was also found in the Krios area, between Chania and Elalonissi.

How the woman died is not yet clear. Gigano may have been cases, but other scenarios are not yet ruled out. There will be autopsy on the body. The womans car will also be examined.