French cell for meal deliverer (19): I dont deliver to Jews

A 19-year-old meal deliverer was sentenced to four months in prison in France for refusing to supply food from Jewish restaurants. It is a young Algerian who had entered the country on a tourist visa that had already expired. He is expelled from the country after serving his sentence.

Two restaurant owners from Strasbourg went to court after the courier had cancelled orders because it was ‘Israeli food’. โ€œI do not deliver to Jews,โ€ the deliverer would have said to one of them.

โ€œ French law prohibits discrimination of any kind,โ€ said the court. โ€œIn this country, you must respect everyone.โ€

The Algerian had used the account of Deliveroo from an acquaintance for the work. He admitted in court through an interpreter that he had canceled the orders, but denied that he did not want to deliver to Jews.

โ€œ Hate deedโ€

An Israeli faith organization has filed a complaint against Deliveroo and speaks of ‘open anti-Semitic discrimination’. That company had promised to take immediate action if the allegations were proven. Deliveroo responded relieved to the finding that it was not an employee who had these โ€œhateful deedsโ€ on his conscience.

Algeria had a rich Jewish population for the foundation of the State of Israel. Of these, only a few dozen are left in the country.