French clergy made far more victims of abuse than previously estimated

Not 3000 children but possibly 10,000 children have been victims of abuse by French priests and other church officials since the 1950s. Thats what the committee has been investigating sexual abuse by the Roman Catholic Church in France over the past seventy years.

The chairman of the Independent Committee, created by bishops in 2018 to assess the extent of the abuse, announced the figure today in a meeting with the press.

At the start of the investigation, the committee still assumed at least 3000 victims of abuse among minors and vulnerable adults. But after hearing 6500 testimonies, President Sauvรฉ says that he has underestimated the number of victims of abuse.


The committee estimated earlier that some 1500 clergy and others involved in the church were guilty of the abuse, but the investigation into the archives of the dioceses is still in full swing.

In the autumn, the researchers present their final report and come up with recommendations, including on the payment of sorrows.