French climber gets half of gems from crashed device after eight years

Eight years after that, a French mountaineer gets half of a large amount of gems he found on Mont Blanc. The other half goes to the municipality of Chamonix, at the foot of the Alpine giant.

The value of each of the two parts is around 150,000 euros and consists of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Since 2013, Chamonix has tried to find the family of the owner of the stones, but without success.

The gems probably belong to one of the victims of a 1966 flight disaster, and an Air India aircraft then crashed on the flanks of the mountain. All 117 occupants were killed. In 1950, an Air India aircraft had also crashed in almost the same place.

In 2013, a French alpinist found a metal box with an Air India logo on it. There turned out to be gems in it. The mountaineer decided not to keep the gems, but to take them to the police. The finder wants to remain anonymous.

Diplomatic mail and newspapers

Over the years, more remains of crashed flights have been found. In 2012, nine kilos of diplomatic mail were found. Last year, newspapers were in good condition. For years, they had been in the glacier ice that has recently melted. The front pages reported on the election of Indira Ghandi, Indias first and so far only female Prime Minister.

In the past, climbers have also found human remains of victims of the flights, and engines of the aircraft.