French Coast Guard retrieves 84 migrants from boats on the Channel

The French Coast Guard rescued 84 migrants on the Channel who were on their way to Great Britain. According to the maritime services, these are several boats with passengers on board, including eight children and three babies.

A rubber boat, with 11 migrants on board, got into trouble early this morning at the French coastal town of Le Touquet. Not much later, the Coast Guard received a report of a boat off the coast of Boulogne-sur-Mer, slightly more north. There were 24 people on that boat.

During a patrol at sea, a rubber boat with 30 passengers was discovered. Then a fourth boat with 19 refugees followed. All passengers on board all boats have been safely landed, the French authorities say.

Risky Trip

Migrants regularly cross the Channel to reach Britain. Often they make the drafts in small rubber boats. A risky trip, because many ships sail on the Channel between Dover and Calais.

Around 600 per day pass, especially container giants over 300 meters long. That alone makes the crossing in a rubber boat risky. There are also strong currents, high waves and whimsical weather conditions.

Cutted out four times as often

Last year, the French Coast Guard was ripped out more than four times the year before to pick up migrants who cross the Channel illegally. In total, 9551 migrants were intercepted trying to sail to Britain. In 2019 there were 2294.

In 2020, at least six people died trying to cross the Channel. In 2019, there were four.