French evacuation flight from Afghanistan, 60 Dutch on board

France and Qatar jointly conducted an evacuation flight from Afghanistan on Friday. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that.

The French say they have evacuated more than 300 people. Among them are 258 Afghans, about 60 Dutch and 11 French and their relatives and acquaintances of the evacuees. The plane flew from the Afghan capital Kabul to Doha in Qatar.

The evacuees are people who were at risk in Afghanistan because of their work. This includes former civilian employees of the French armed forces and journalists. They will be flown to France next week.

Over the past few weeks, more than 300 Afghans have been evacuated on behalf of the Netherlands via the so-called Doha route, of the approximately 2000 on the evacuation list. According to Marjan Kamstra, the Dutch ambassador to Qatar, evacuation is often complicated because people who are eligible or their relatives do not have a travel document.