French fishermen take action in ports of Calais and Saint-Malo

Five French fishing vessels block ferry traffic to and from the United Kingdom in the port of Calais. France and Britain have been disagreeing for months about the number of permits French fishermen should receive as part of a post-Brexit deal. The French accuse the British of not handing out enough permits, the British state that they are living the deal.

This morning, French fishermen already blocked the port of Saint-Malo in Brittany, preventing a British fishing boat from laying. Later today, the activist fishermen want to stop traffic in the tunnel from Calais to Dover for two hours.

At the same time, Paris has withdrawn an invitation to the British Interior Minister to talk about the migrant crisis that both countries are facing. On Wednesday, a boat with migrants trying to reach the English coast was extinguishing. In addition, 27 people were killed.

Warning Shot

French fishermen took matters into their own hands earlier. In April, they blocked trucks that transported British fish to processing centres in France. In May, the British Navy sent two patrol boats when French fishing boats blocked a port in Jersey and last month a British ship was stopped in French waters for some time.

Todays actions โ€œare a warning shot,โ€ says the chairman of a French regional fisheries commission against reporters in Saint-Malo. โ€œWe react to the mocking and humiliating attitude of the English.โ€

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson says the British Prime Minister is โ€œdisappointed by French threats of protestsโ€. Fishing has a small value for both countries, but is symbolically important for both Britain and France.