French former minister sued to approach corona

French justice prosecutes former health minister Buzyn for her approach to the corona pandemic shortly after the outbreak early last year. She is accused of endangering the lives of others.


investigation has been underway against Agnรจs Buzyn and other politicians and top officials. They would have responded too slowly to the corona outbreak early last year and that would have led to a lack of protective equipment, among other things.

Buzyn said in late January 2020 in response to the lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan, that the risk of spreading in France was very small. There were three confirmed cases in that country, but that changed rapidly.

The case against 58-year-old Buzyn is handled by a court dedicated to ministerial office crimes. The prosecutor announced this week that 14,500 complaints were received there, including (former) covid patients and doctors.

โ€œI won‘t let our work tarnishโ€

The announcement that Buzyn is being charged follows a nine-hour interrogation in court. On arrival this morning, she told journalists that she would defend herself from any accusation out of all might. โ€œI will not let the government act tarnish, while we have done so much to prepare our country for a global health crisis.โ€

Buzyn stepped up as minister in mid-February last year and she then made a vain fling to the mayorship of Paris. As minister, she was succeeded by Olivier Vรฉran, who is still in office. It is expected that he too will have to answer to court soon.

Clara Bouaziz is one of the French who filed charges. Her father passed away last year after he became infected with corona. She thinks the hospital deliberately didn’t treat him: