French government prohibits extreme right movement

The French Government has banned the far-right movement Génération identitaire (Identity Generation). Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that the movement had been disbanded because it incites discrimination, hatred and violence. According to the master, this violence is directed against persons because of their race or faith.

Moreover, the Génération has organised itself in a military style, which makes it an illegal private militia. Darmanin started the dissolution of the club after some 30 members at the border in the Pyrenees had taken action in January against the danger of illegal immigration and tried to stop illegal immigrants under the slogan ‘Defend Europe’.

It was not the first time that the movement has manifested itself at the border against illegal migration. It has led to several complaints and lawsuits against the ‘Génération’, including by action groups working for asylum or the fight against racism. Darmanin was at the end of January and the French cabinet banned the splinter group Wednesday.

Génération identitaire was originally a youth department of the Bloc Indentitaire which was founded in 2003, but started to lead a life of its own. It is considered more extremist than the ‘Bloc’. It is particularly fierce against illegal immigrants. There are an estimated 900,000 of them in France.