French lower house agrees with climate law, speed limit on highway does not pass

A new French climate law has been approved by Parliaments lower house. According to critics, the plans do not go far enough.

The law includes a ban on domestic flights if the destination can be reached within 2.5 hours by train. The rental of poorly insulated premises is also restricted. Furthermore, ecocide is introduced as a criminal offence. It should avoid serious and permanent degradation of flora and fauna or the quality of water, air and soil. On the other hand, a general speed limit of 110 kilometres per hour for the motorways failed.

The plans could count on a large majority in the lower house. According to observers, it becomes more difficult in the higher house, where the conservatives dominate.

Environmental groups such as Greenpeace feel that President Macron has failed to take far-reaching measures against global warming. But environmental minister Barbara Pompili, rejected an โ€œall-or-nothing approachโ€ in the fight against climate change. She told Members that broad support is needed if France wants to change the habits that have been worn out. โ€œInstead of grand declarations or immense goals that ultimately fail because they lead to a social insurrection, we take demanding measures,โ€ she said.