French mayor is lacking in government and reopens museums

Mayor Louis Aliot, of the French Perpignan, has reopened four museums despite the lockdown. As a result, he is on a collision course with the French government. The closure of cultural institutions in France – as in the Netherlands – is a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


โ€œIt is high time to reopen cultural institutions,โ€ said Mayor Louis Aliot of the Rassemblement national party, where Marine Le Pen is party chairman at national level. Art Museum Hyacinthe Rigaud in the southern city later announced that after the reopening about 50 people arrived in the first quarter. โ€œThere are many peopleโ€, confirmed a receptionist by phone.

Two other museums also opened the doors. A fourth institution doesnt do that until Wednesday. The national government is under pressure to reopen museums and national monuments throughout the country. Hundreds of people from the cultural sector signed petitions last week asking for breathing space.


โ€œFor an hour, a day, a week or a month: let us open the doors againโ€, said such a plea. Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot said on Monday that the reopening of cultural institutions is a priority, but that the spread of the coronavirus must first be further slowed down.