French Mess Again, Tadic and Twice Scoring Zahavi in World Cup Race

Now that we are at half the World Cup qualification cycle, the proportions in the poules are beginning to be visible. France suddenly lost it, while Dusan (Ajax) and Eran Zahavi (PSV) join their countries for the top spots.
Serbia-Luxembourg 4-1 (Group A) The Serbia of captain Dusan Tadic will decide with Portugal โ€” who practiced against Qatar on Saturday โ€” who can go straight to the World Cup. The surprisingly presenting Luxembourg could have jumped across Serbia at a win in Belgrade, but the home team didnt let it come that far. Olivier Thill made things exciting after Aleksandar Mitrovics opening hits, but a goal of Maxime Chanots own goal and a late hit by Nikola Milenkovic made it 4-1. Gerson Rodrigues (ex-Telstar) was still red during the tumultuous injury time. Portugal and Serbia are both ten points after four out of the eight rounds.
Ukraine-France 1-1 (Group D) World Champion France was still without a loss of points after three rounds, but competed against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Wednesday and ran off again on Saturday. The world champion was caught up against Ukraine, after a nice bang by Mykola Shaparenko: 1-0. Anthony Martial crumbled into the equalizer just after half time, but otherwise Les Bleus did not arrive in Kiev. Number two Finland has two more games credit and fewer losses compared to front-runner France: Franco-Finland is in Lyon on Tuesday.

Magnific ๐Ÿ‘Œ France is a 1-0 behind by a delightful swipe of Mykola Shaparenko โšฝ How do the French fight back in the second half? ๐Ÿค” #ZiggoSport #WCQ2022
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 4, 2021

Faroe Islands Denmark 0-1/Israel-Austria 5-2 (Group F) Denmark and Israel lead the dance in Group F. The Danes are still at a maximum score after five games. The Faroe Islands held their big brother at 0-0 for a long time, but bowed in the final phase: Renรฉ Joensen received his second yellow card, Jonas Wind made the 0-1 immediately after. Israel can seriously dream of his first World Cup participation since 1970. Austria, but put the competitor aside with big numbers. PSV striker Eran Zahavi made two of the five Israeli hits.
Cyprus-Russia 0-2/Slovakia-Croatia 0-1 (Group H) Russia and Croatia are gearing up for an exciting battle for the leading position in their group: halfway through the ride, both countries are on ten points. Russia won 0-2 in Cyprus thanks to Aleksandr Erokhin and Rifat Zhemaletdinov, Croatia had their hands full of Slovakia, but won in the final phase thanks to Marcelo Brozovic. Russia is on the top goal balance for the time being, but has yet to go to Croatia in the final round.