French monks charged for setting fire 5G masts

Two French monks from the Rhรดne department are charged for setting fire to two 5G masts. They wanted to draw attention to health risks that the network would have in their eyes. The two were busted when officers were waiting for them by a mast. They confessed, local prosecutors report.

The monks belong to a conservative monastic order. The duo had gone to a mast at night last week to set it on fire. One night later, they went to their second target, where the police were waiting for them. As soon as the clergy lit the fire, they were beaten in the cuffs. It‘s not clear how the officers knew where to find the arsonists.

The damage to the masts is โ€œnegligibleโ€, local authorities report. The monks are prosecuted for โ€œdestruction and attempted destruction.โ€ The monastery supports the conviction of the monks and is convinced of the dangers of radiation, for which no convincing scientific evidence has yet been provided. The monastic order sees the arson as โ€œa separate action and a fault of the youth.โ€ The suspects are 39 and 40 years old.

No scientific evidence

In France, as well as other European countries, several masts have been set on fire in protest against the 5G network roll-out. Activists believe that the radiation from the antennas is bad for health and the environment. There’s no scientific evidence for this. Not all affected masts actually belong to a 5G network. Dozens of masts were set on fire in the Netherlands in 2020.