French place Bitche is allowed again on Facebook

The French Bitche can be found on Facebook again. That had blocked the page of the northern French municipality three weeks ago, apparently due to a translation error.

The municipality had been told that the conditions of use had been violated. โ€œThe name of our place seems to have been misinterpreted,โ€ said Mayor Benoit Kieffer. Facebook might have thought of the English-language epithet word ‘bitch’.

The company has now admitted that there was an โ€œincorrect analysisโ€ by an algorithm. The page ‘Ville de Bitche’, which has some 2350 followers, can be visited again.

In the meantime, the municipality had already set up another page, with the neutral name Mairie 57320, which referred to the postal code. According to Mayor Kieffer, the incident once again shows that not all tasks can be outsourced to computer systems.

It is not the first time Bitche, which is around 5000 inhabitants, gets into trouble on Facebook. The pages of the famous local citadel and the local golf club have also been temporarily blocked in the past.