French police are looking for tourists who were robbed of jewels after paint trick

The police of the French department of Var, in the Provence-Alpes-Cรดte dAzur, are looking for victims of a brutal thieves gang they picked up and who were looking for expensive jewels. Perpetrators sprayed their victims with green paint, as if it were an accident, and then discovered the unfortunate victims of their valuables. The gendarmerie suspects that tourists have also been robbed and calls on them to report.

Between 17 August and 23 August 2021, an itinerant thieves gang struck among older victims in the Languedoc, Roussillon, Paca and Rhones Alpes region, according to police investigations. A region that is also popular with tourists.

Several victims have been robbed of Rolex brand jewellery and luxury watches on the public road. But other gold jewellery as well.

The perpetrators addressed victims and sprayed some sort of green liquid on their clothes. A well-known robbery technique. They then expressed concern and apologized extensively while trying to wipe their victims clothes with a cloth. The finger-quickthieves used that occasion by stealing their jewels. When the victims noticed that, the thieves had already flown.

Tourist victim

The gang has been arrested by the French police in the meantime. Some of the loot has also been recovered. โ€œBased on the reports we have prepared, several victims have already regained their jewels,โ€ says the gendarmerie. But a number of jewels arent back with the owners yet. โ€œWe invite people who may have been victims of theft in similar circumstances to make themselves known. Presumably there are foreigners. The region is popular with Dutch tourists.

The trick with the liquid is known, says a federal police spokesman. โ€œPerpetrators throw with a liquid, but they also use yogurt or other things that are accidentally thrown on the clothes of potential victims. The perpetrators then apologize and try to get the stains off themselves to steal jewellery or wallet in a smooth motion.โ€

Victims can contact the Gassin-Saint Tropez Police Department at 0033- 0494979532.