French police shoot suspect of decapitated boy

In the southern French city of Tarascon, police shot a man on Monday suspected of beheading a 13-year-old boy. The boys body and cut-off head were found in a house that the man rented in the city on Sunday night.

According to prosecutor Laurent Gumbau, strips of meat were also cut away from the boys shoulder. This may indicate cannibalism, but โ€œat the moment it is impossible to confirm the hypothesis,โ€ the prosecutor said.

Gumbau said the boy had disappeared from a childrens care facility in Marseille, 100 kilometres east of Tarascon. The investigation brought the police to the address in Tarascon. Neighbors say the suspect fled over the rooftops. Three hours later, cops found him elsewhere in town and shot him to death. What exactly happened is still being explored. The man was previously convicted of violent offences, Gumbau said, but was probably unarmed.