French Prime Minister Castex was (briefly) flagging corona rules on his boot

Premier Castex sat Saturday two hours in the backseat of a car with Tour director Christian Prudhomme. The latter was tested positive for corona today. Castex said he would be tested immediately. “But I feel fine, so I’ll continue my work as prime minister,” he said during a public meeting in a room with people.

That’s remarkable. Because in the official rules of the French government there are other advices. Anyone who has been in contact with an infected person in France must “isolate themselves and not go to work” is in the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

If you don’t live under one roof with the infected person, you have to stay at home for seven days. “Only go outside when really necessary.” Only after seven days you have to get tested. “There’s no point in testing earlier, because then you can get a negative result while you’re still infected.”

Prime Minister Castex won’t isolate himself at home, but will continue his work. And he announced that in a room full of people. And he’ll be tested alone instead of after seven days, as his own government advises. He was barely outspoken or his entourage already hit the brakes. Well-informed sources reported that the prime minister is now ‘working in isolation’ from his ministry.

His agenda has been adjusted: physical appointments have been cancelled and Castex only meets by video link. He won’t be at a ministerial meeting tomorrow. On Saturday exactly seven days after his car ride with Prudhomme, Castex will be tested again.

The Prime Minister was clearly whistled back after his ‘nothing-on-the-hand’ speech in the room. Even President Macron publicly called his Prime Minister to order. “We ourselves are subject to the same rules as other French people,” he said during a working visit.

Within the French government the ‘Tour-infections’ have now led to unrest. A State Secretary was also in the car with Prudhomme earlier during a Tour stage. He will also be tested. And the Minister of the Interior Gรฉrald Darmanin had lunch with Castex today.

“If the Prime Minister tests positive, I’ll get tested too.