French threaten to power interruption in fishing conflict with United Kingdom

France stands ready to take ‘retaliatory measures’ against the Channel Island of Jersey if the British authorities continue to oppose French fishermen. The transmission of electricity from France via a submarine cable to the island could be interrupted, threatened Minister Annick Girardin (Sea) in parliament.

She would be sorry if it had to come to this, but if she had to, she will not hesitate, according to the lady of the reigning. She found out last Friday that the British had introduced new entry conditions for French fishermen, allowing them to operate more briefly in the area and to remove fewer species from the water.

‘ Unacceptable ‘

The United Kingdom published a list of 41 French fishing vessels subject to new conditions which it considered were not aligned, discussed or notified as part of the Brexit Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. โ€œCompletely unacceptable,โ€ says Girardin. It fears that, if France does not take action, fishermen will also be excluded from other British waters.

The island of Jersey is located more than 20 kilometres from the Normandy coast. It‘s not a part of the UK, it’s a British crown property. According to a coastal parliamentarian, French fishermen are furious and combative.