French widow (77) beheaded: ‘Police found horror scene’

In the southern French coastal town of Agde, the death of the beheading of 77-year-old Evelyne K. gave way to relief on Thursday night: the police detained a 51-year-old handyman. He was a victim‘s acquaintance.

The retired teacher was murdered in her home last Wednesday. Neighbors didn’t notice anything, it was her son who raised the alarm. He lives in the Paris region and called his mother every day. When she didn‘t record Wednesday and he saw chaos on the surveillance camera footage in her home, which he can watch remotely, he called the fire department.

Head on kitchen table

Around half ten the emergency services were on site. They found the woman’s lifeless body. The French site Actu spoke of a ‘horror scene’: โ€œThe retired teacher, widowed for two years, was in a sea of blood, sat under the knife stitches and was beheaded, her head was on the kitchen table.โ€

According to neighbors, Evelyne K. was a nice, cozy and discreet type, who didn‘t go out often and certainly wouldn’t just open to a stranger. When the fire department arrived, the gate in front of her house and the front door were unlocked. The police soon assumed that the murder was committed by a acquaintance because the teacher had opened up to this person.

Man with face mask on surveillance footage

The footage that turned her own surveillance camera shows a man walking in with a face mask on and a plastic bag in hand with Evelyne on Wednesday night. He stabbed her in the back, hit her and eventually decapitated her with a huge butcher knife. The 77-year-old woman resisted her aggressor but couldn‘t win it from him.

Police discovered in her home, where traces of a strong struggle were found, that her debit card had disappeared. That was where her account was monitored. On Thursday night, someone with her took 1000 euros at an ATM machine in Agde, where he was filmed by a surveillance camera. It was the same person who came by Wednesday. He was apprehended in a house in the nearby village of Vias.

Boxer became handyman

This 51-year-old man, a former boxer, had to quit his sport after a hemorrhage of the brain. He has since come around from small chores with friends and acquaintances including Evelyne K. The man would have a hard time since his health problems and the departure of his wife, who recently left him. He hasn’t told the police why he horribly killed the retired teacher. The detective suspects he came to ask for money on Wednesday night and that she refused.

Just before the commemoration of teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded by a jihadist on October 16, 2020, an act of terror is excluded.