Frenchman is only Gibraltar supporter in Kuip: ‘Cuter than PSG duel’

Gibraltar can at least count on the support of Adrien Debargue in De Kuip on Monday night. Journalists and fans from the country skip the game against Orange, but the French Debargue has come to the Netherlands for his favourite football country.
Debargue explains his love for the Gibraltar team in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œIm a big football fan and lived in Gibraltar for five years with my parents,โ€ he explains. โ€œDuring that period I started to follow football there very much. Its become a kind of commitment.โ€
โ€œFootball in Gibraltar is still normal. Its easy to get in touch with the players there. And there is a real progression in it,โ€ continues the 28-year-old Frenchman. He also sometimes visits Paris Saint-Germain competitions. โ€œI go there too, but that club already has so many fans. There are 500 people watching in Gibraltar, which I like more.โ€
So on Monday Debargue will be there when Gibraltar visits the Dutch team. On his weblog GibFooty, he will report on the duel. โ€œI always wanted to go to De Kuip, a beautiful stadium.โ€