Frequently discussed Veronica Inside broadcast: ‘I was not angry, I wanted a conversation’

Natacha Harlequin looks back with a good feeling on her participation in the much-discussed broadcast of Veronica Inside, which almost led to the end of the program. The lawyer took on board and debated with Johan Derksen, following his remarks about rapper Akwasi.

The reason for the special broadcast is known: Derksen saw an image of a Zwarte Piet appear on the monitor, ‘are we sure this is not Akwasi? ‘ Was his reaction. Harlequin wanted was invited to enter into the dialogue and responded to this. โ€œI didn‘t know the whole program; I never look at it, I don’t know those people. I wanted to show the Netherlands that a conversation is indeed possible,โ€ she tells Volkskrant Magazine.
Harlequin didn‘t want to attack Derksen personally. โ€œI wasn’t angry at all. All I wanted was to have a good conversation with Johan, and I feel like we did. And that is not only my merit, but also his.โ€ The criminal advocate would even like to have another discussion. โ€œWithout cameras. I know he can engage in the debate in an empathic way,โ€ she says. โ€œI know some people may not believe this after everything he has said, but I do hope everyone has been able to see that connection is possible.โ€