Fresh Dying Light 2 show dedicated to open world and new heroine

The authors of Dying Light 2: Stay Human released a new episode of Dying 2 Know MORE, which focused on an open world and one interesting character. Despite the fact that the City โ€” its a very violent place full of death, and it also has its own beauty and vividness. The developers wanted players to experience the citys past by looking at numerous monuments, abandoned subway stations, skyscrapers and other landmarks.

various notes, books, posters and audio cassettes. The authors paid special attention to creating interesting residents who are trying to bring back a normal lifestyle.

Rebuilding the city will play an important role in Dying Light 2. Players will be able to try to get electricity back – it will help revitalise some parts By the way, which faction Aiden joins will also influence which buildings will appear.

Characters in these locations will be able to chat and listen to their bikes โ€” the latter can be based on adventures and player selections. After that, the developers talked about the games soundtrack.

The main motive is defeat, and every action of the player will be reflected in the music, be it parkour, battles, or relationships with factions. The developers praised that the games music was interactive, thanks to the special invisible zones that give it a signal.

At the end of the episode, the developers introduced a new heroine Dying Light 2 and the actress who played her is Rosario Dawson. The characters name is Lavan โ€” she is a strong woman and a true warrior with a hard past.

Lavan will influence the plot and often interact with Aiden. It will be up to the player to decide on which path she takes โ€” revenge or selfless savior.

In the next installment of Dying 2 Know, developers promise to talk about elections and how they will affect the world of the game. More on Gamemania Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Civilization Season Six Gameplay Trailer Celebrates 30th Anniversary โ€” Sid Meyer personally congratulated everyone on Genshin Impact Anniversary earned $2 billion on mobile devices for the year.