Fresh Halo Infinite details for PC revealed

In a fresh post on his blog, developers from the studio 343 Industries shared new details of the PC version of the shooter Halo Infinite. Earlier, the authors have already told that players are waiting for support for widescreen monitors (32:9 and wider), as well as crossplay and the ability to transfer progress between Xbox and PC. Other features of the PC version advanced settings: frame rate, field of view (including on consoles), graphics and more; competitive playlists limited by the input device (keyboard and mouse or controller); rank and regular playlists where players on PC and Xbox can play together; the ability to create a local multiplayer server on PC; anti-cheat without using drivers at kernel-level; the ability to set three control keys at once per action; configurable interface including frame and ping counter; ability to completely disable interface; ability to connect to friends games via XBL, Steam and Discord regardless of platform.

Halo Infinite will be released this fall on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). At launch, the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for consoles and PC.

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