Fresh hotfix comes out for Cyberpunk 2077

Developers from CD Projekt RED released patch 1. 22 for Cyberpunk 2077. The update is already available on PS, consoles and Stadia.

The authors note that they have fixed the most common errors reported to them after the release of the previous patch, In addition to stability and performance, fixes affected tasks, the open world, graphics, and interface. The list of changes of patch 1.

22Tasks and the open world Now the terminal โ€œMetro: Memorial Parkโ€ is correctly taken into account in the statistics of achievement โ€œMigratory Birdโ€. Fixed bugs that affected Johnnys appearance after ransoming from Lanas nomadic machine.

Fixed a bug in the order โ€œUntil death do us partโ€, which prevented the elevator from being used. Fixed an issue in the Reintegration job that sometimes prevented a player from leaving the garage if he ran into the control point before, instead of following the drone.

Fixed an issue in the Old Friends job that prevented Takemura from Japan-Town docks. We have already corrected this error in hotfix 1.

21, but the players who faced it before the hotfix was released it persisted. After upgrading to version 1.

22, Takemura is automatically transferred to the entrance to the Wakako salon. Fixed an issue at the beginning of the New Dawn job, which prevented the player from getting the phone while in the apartment.

Fixed a bug in the Saddled Storm job that caused weapons and expendable items to sometimes become unavailable after player has used allocator. Graphics Fixed various errors that resulted in incorrect display of characters clothing.

Interface Fixed a bug with subtitle alignment in Arabic version of the game. Stability and performance Different processes have been optimized and the algorithm of memory usage has been improved, that is, the probability of departures from the game is reduced.

Improved graphic processing of clothing and 3D character models. Changes for consoles On Xbox One optimized and improved GPU and ESRAM memory usage.

The PlayStation 5 has improved the memory algorithm. Changes for Stadia can no longer get a program lock in the key bindings menu if the keyboard is not available.

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