Fresh patch for Valorant sped up promotion by rankings

Developers from Riot Games released a patch 2. 02 for the competitive shooter Valorant. The main changes touched on the rating game: The rating is aligned with skill.

Players will become faster to rank. To get to a suitable rank, you will now need to play fewer matches.

Players of ranks from Iron to Diamond, whose personal success in the match is substantially higher than their average skill level, will receive additional ranking points. The maximum group size for the Diamond rank is 2 players.

The current spot on the leaderboard is displayed on the Career Page under Act Rank. At the end of the act, the final spot on the leaderboard will be retained, which will be displayed on the insignia of the rank of the act.

In addition, the authors reduced the accuracy of rifle shooting during the movement, limited the frequency of purchases in the in-game gun store to avoid performance issues, and fixed some game bugs. More on Gambling Design Director of Relaunch Perfect Dark Leaves Studio The Initiative Sales of Oculus Quest 2 exceeded million in Q4 2020 iOS 14.

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