Fresh rumors about the imminent release of GTA VI have no basis – thats why

Recently, media and bloggers have noticed that Rockstar is looking for testers – for some reason, many immediately thought that this applies to the next Grand Theft Auto and the release may take place already in this year. The unsubstantiation of such assumptions point several things at once: Rockstar constantly recruits testers – they are needed not only for new games, but also for testing updates of the same GTA Online and Red Dead Online; This year Rockstar really should release the game โ€” a remaster of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS5 and Xbox Series. It just might require additional testers; a year ago, Jason Schreyer mentioned in his investigation about Rockstar that GTA VI was โ€œvery earlyโ€ in production, and its the scale will be more modest than previous releases.

In addition, do not forget that testers are working on the project in the early stages – they become more to release, but throughout the production, especially at such giants, they are present one way or another. Last year, Take-Two reports suggested that GTA VI planned to be released in fiscal 2024 (from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024), but the publisher rejected this information.

Recently, insiders, however, clarified that the plan really released part six at the end of 2023. More on Gambling S.

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