Fresh rumours surfaced about Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima and a remake of Metal Gear Solid

Over the past year, weve seen so many rumours about the new Silent Hill that fingers on both hands will not suffice. This time, the authors of Moores Law Is Dead podcast, who in July told about the release of the sequel God of War in 2021, shared a couple of big details at once. First, Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima himself are really working on Silent Hills for the PlayStation 5.

Bloggers are extremely confident in their words, and a full announcement is expected on December 11 at The Game Awards. Secondly, as many rumors of the past few years have claimed, the makers of the Demons Souls remake of Bluepoints first Metal Souls have been working on a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid for three years.

Again, for the PlayStation 5. Mark Cerny โ€” architect of PS4 and PS5 โ€” is also involved in the production.

According to the podcast authors, Sony is already ready to hold gameplay demonstrations of the project, but all this company intends to do closer to the release. When he is a question.

The date of the announcement is also unknown. Lets discuss the situation with Silent Hill a little bit.

During the year, there was information here and there that Sony was really working on a new part of the series. But who specifically creates the game is unknown.

Some claimed that the restart of the series gave to the team of Keiichiro Toyama, designer and screenwriter of the original Silent Hill, as well as the author of Siren and Gravity Rush. He is supposedly helped by the designer of the original trilogy Masahiro Ito and cult composer Akira Yamaoka.

There is less information that Hideo Kojima is still working on the new part. A number of sources claim that there were indeed such talks, but they quickly ended โ€” Silent Hills will not.

However, now there are rumors that the game will still appear on the light. We are waiting for The Game Awards 2020, which will begin on December 11 at 3 am Moscow time.

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