“Fringe of the Future” author wanted to make a film with Roscosmos, but plans were ‘hindered’

Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin said that Fringe of the Future director Doug Lyman wanted to make the film together with a Russian corporation, but nothing came of it. This is about a picture the production designer plans to shoot with Tom Cruise in space. According to Rogozin, cooperation was supposed to be between the two sides, but the agreements were hampered by some political forces in the States.

Rogozin noted that the filming team was shown at Energy Corporations assembly shops last January, and the ribbon creators were so impressed with what they saw that they wanted to go into space on the Russian Soyuz. But in March, the filmmakers were allegedly banned from working on a joint project and forced to seek services from the US space firm.

Rogozin added that this attitude was also the reason why the firm is helping to create Klim Shipenkos Russian painting Challenge, which will also be taken down in space. According to Rogozin, the ribbon will have a powerful propaganda meaning.

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