Frisian care workers with complaints are given priority in coron testing

From now on, Frisian care workers with coronavirus complaints can be tested earlier in Friesland. The health care institutions have agreed on this with GGD Friesland in order to “prevent care from being compromised”.

Employees in hospitals and some care institutions already have their own testing facility. Since yesterday, other healthcare workers can register for a test at GGD Friesland via their healthcare institution. The latter has reserved space for these tests at existing test locations in Leeuwarden, Drachten and IJlst. It is also being investigated whether temporary test locations can be used in the province.

According to GGD Friesland, the new step is very important. “Thanks to the rapid test, it is sooner clear whether care workers are carrying the virus with them and whether they can stay at work. Because of the waiting times that are now available for testing, care is in danger of being compromised”, says the organisation‘s press release.

At the expense of care

The care workers who were able to take a ‘quick test’ in Leeuwarden today are very relieved. “Otherwise I would have had to wait until Saturday, so this gives more certainty”, says a woman. She works in disability care with children. “You can’t do your job if you have to wait so long and then there’s one person too few at my work. Then there is underutilisation, and that is at the expense of caring for the children”

The employees will probably receive the results within 24 hours, says Jaap Erik Pijlman of GGD Friesland. “It’s even true that if you test late in the morning, there’s a good chance that you’ll get your results in the evening The new measure is a success, he says. Dozens of people came in today.

Another female care worker with a rhinitis also had herself tested. The results of the test should come in quickly for her, because this weekend she will be working at the GP’s post. “And replacement is very complicated to find. There is no one else who can do my shift there. I don’t know how they should solve that. That’s why I’m glad to hear something within 24 hours”

The establishment in Friesland is ahead of the troops, but is not unique, says spokesman for the national GGD Sonja Kloppenburg. “There are several GGDs that, on their own initiative, reserve capacity on a limited scale, as an extra service for care workers, for employees of care institutions. This is not official. By making it so official, GGD Friesland is running out of steam for the troops”

At the moment it is almost impossible to make an appointment for a GGD coronavirus test. “There is now nowhere structural,” said the umbrella organisation of GGDs this morning about the more than 100 test sites in the Netherlands. All tests taken must be analysed in a laboratory and there is not enough lab capacity, the umbrella organisation explains. This leads to increasing waiting times. “Demand is currently outstripping supply