From 2022 ‘ten-minute trains’ on more busy routes

The railway connections between Nijmegen, Arhem, Utrecht and Schiphol and between Schiphol, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam are being prepared for a new timetable, in which a train will run every ten minutes. This is due to take effect in 2022, writes State Secretary Van Veldhoven to the House of Representatives. A so-called ‘ten-minute train’ is already running between Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Van Veldhoven believes it is important that despite corona, work continues on the “structural reinforcement of our track”. “For many people, the train is and remains a basic facility for getting to work, family or school

Hundreds of thousands of passengers

There are now four trains an hour on the Nijmegen-Arnhem-Utrecht-Schiphol and Schiphol-Leiden-Den Haag-Rotterdam routes. That will be six in 2022. This should reduce the crowds on the trains. According to Van Veldhoven, hundreds of thousands of travellers normally travel on these routes outside corona time.

The Hague alderman Van Asten thinks it’s good news that the preparations are going on. “Every day, people can then use no fewer than 48 extra intercity trains to travel to and from The Hague. It makes the train an even more attractive alternative to the car”