From Almere to Sassuolo: ‘Further develop in highly regarded competition’

A remarkable news from Almere: Ryan Flamingo, who signed his first professional contract with Almere City in 2020, leaves on a rental basis for Sassuolo, Italy. The Serie A-club has an option to buy stipulated in the negotiations.

Flamingo has little chance of playing minutes at Almere and gave the club leadership to take up the challenge in Italy. He leaves on a rental basis for Sassuolo, which can take him over in case of the cooperation.
โ€œIt was Ryans explicit desire to make playing minutes at a high levelโ€, says technical manager Teun Jacobs of Almere. โ€œDue to the fierce competition, the chances of playing minutes in the main power of Almere City FC are currently low. At Sassuolo he gets the chance to develop himself as a player in a highly regarded competition.โ€

Proud of Ryan. From the o.21 to a Serie A club. Hard work pays off. รฐโ€ ยฅ
โ€” Maduro Hedwiges (@madurohedwiges) February 1, 2021