From China flowed fresh details Nintendo Switch Pro – old gamepads will fit

Nintendo has yet to introduce a more powerful Switch, however, an accessory manufacturer from China has shared fresh details of the model. As reported in the leaks, the PRO-model uses an OLED screen with virtually no frames โ€” exact dimensions are not specified, but a 7-inch display was previously reported. At the same time, current gamepads, including Joy-Con, are compatible with the novelty.

The small rack of the current Switch will be replaced with a wide emphasis in the entire width of the system, it is made in the style of Microsofts Surface tablets. Below it is a slot for a Micro SD memory card format.

The dock will be able to output the image in 4K and will become slightly smaller – two USB inputs will update from 2. 0 to 3.

0 and add an ethernet port. The stand for the new Switch will look roughly the way out in Europe, according to the manufacturer, is expected in late November, but the starting circulation will be very limited.

Present the console must before the start of E3 in mid-June – according to the media, the PRO-model will replace the standard Switch model. More on CCeit Presence already here: Song of Horror is released on PlayStation 4 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will receive a sequel Special edition of โ€œFriendsโ€ censored in China โ€” removed individual guests.