From Feyenoord to Arsenal: Im more often compared to Bergkamp here

Salah-Eddine Oulad MHand (18) impresses in England. The box-to-box midfielder, who exchanged Feyenoord for Arsenal in the summer of 2020, is seen as a great talent at The Gunners. He already managed to make the match selection of the main force several times.
Hand is compared in England to Robin van Persie, who made the switch from Rotterdam to North London in 2004. โ€œYes, I know those similarities too, but Im more often compared to Dennis Bergkamp here, because of my ball feeling. Bergkamp is a legend, so thats fun,โ€ says MHand in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œBut what I want most of all is to make a name for myself.โ€
The young Hagenaar has already been part of Arsenal
s competition selection a number of times this season. โ€œLeeds United in the Carabao Cup was the first time. That morning, I was still training with the Under 23, until suddenly I had to stop training to prepare for that nights game. I immediately called my grandmother and brother and arranged tickets. Next, youll get to a full Emirates Stadium, truly magical. To hear the stadium speaker broadcasting your name is a feeling that you cant compare to anything in life.โ€
Hand is happy with Arsenals trust, but knows hes far from there. โ€œPlaying and training at a Premier League club could have already been an end goal in my career. I am blessed to be there already. And a debut is just a debut, its about what you do in the fifteen years after. Then, like Bergkamp did, you can really make history.โ€