From Feyenoord to doctor: ‘Even La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote about it’

Splinter de Mooij leaves Feyenoord after this season to start his training as a doctor. In conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad, the midfielder of the O21 team of the Rotterdammers talks about his choice, who created frowned eyebrows for different people.
It has been a dream of De Mooij since childhood to become a doctor. โ€œI often watched hospital programs,โ€ he says in conversation with the AD. โ€œIn primary school, I always said: I want to be a football player and a doctor. I also made a profile paper in high school in which I examined how to reduce the risk of a fatal outcome in case of sudden cardiac arrest in the field, following the incident with (Abdelhak, red) Nouri.โ€
His choice to say goodbye to professional football in order to focus on his education was surprising to several people. โ€œThe reactions were surprisingly positive. I got messages from a lot of former teammates and it was picked up by the media. Even La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote about it.โ€
โ€œI do not yet know what kind of doctor I want to become,โ€ continues De Mooij, who received advice from his teammates at Feyenoord. โ€œMy teammates said as a joke that I had to return to Feyenoord as club arts. Who knows, haha. Study first.โ€