From now on, Turkey partially pays Russian gas in rubles

President Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan have agreed that Turkey will pay gas from Russia partly in rubles from now on. This is reported by the Russian branch of Interfax news agency.

Russia announced in March that โ€œunfriendly countriesโ€ should pay for their gas in rubles. This applies to all countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. Turkey is not on the list of those unfriendly countries, but is now going to do so in part.

Putin and Erdogan met today in the Russian resort of Sochi, on the Black Sea. The leaders also agreed to work more closely together in the fields of transport, agriculture, trade, energy and construction.

Complex relationship

Earlier in the day, Putin had already thanked Erdogan for his mediation in concluding the grain agreement, which allows the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea ports.

Turkey maintains close ties with both Russia and Ukraine. The relationship with Russia is complex; although the countries support opposing parties in Syria and Libya, they do work closely together on defence, energy and trade agreements.

Combat drones

The big question was whether Putin and Erdogan would also talk about a possible delivery of Turkish combat drones to Russia. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Turkey provided Ukraine with these drones, which played an important role in slowing down the Russian advance.

Moscow has also expressed interest in these combat drones since then. However, according to the Russian state news agency Ria Novosti, this issue has not been discussed.