From October on international judo tournaments on calendar again

In the autumn, for the first time in months, a big judo tournament will be organized. Due to the corona pandemic, international judo has been at a standstill since March, but the international judo association IJF has announced three tournaments on Friday.

At the end of October there is a grandslam tournament in the Hungarian capital Budapest and in December there is the grandslam tournament in Tokyo in Japan. At the beginning of 2021 the World Judo Masters will be held in Doha

“The time has come for us to restart our sport step by step”, says IJF chairman Marius Vizer. “We know that the situation is different all over the world, but there are areas that are ready to organize. All countries will be welcome and will be able to participate.”

At the tournaments judokas can earn qualification points for the Olympic Games in Tokyo (2021).