From Poland on ‘awareness’ at ‘really dramatic’ PEC: “May I hope g*dverd*mme…”

PEC Zwolle visited last Saturday evening number FC Emmen, which promptly grabbed the first victory of the Eredivisie season. The Blue Fingers did not give home and captain Bram of Poland was full of grumpy in front of the ESPN microphone.

Presenter Aletha Leidelmeijer pointed out to Van Polen that, of all things, there was lost against the gate closer. The way we play football, I think we might as well be… , said the baling Van Poles. It wasnt bad, it was just really dramatic. We lose all the balls, were way too shitty in ball possession, we all walk away from the ball. This has to do with confidence, but that is also a certain daring that I miss.
PEC made it quite exciting in the final phase, but eventually lost with 3-2. Poland was disappointed by the fact that his team did not reach the level it could achieve. Things I see on training sessions, I never actually see them in competitions. Or thats between the ears? Thats what youd expect with Emmen.
The team of trainer John Stegeman remains thirteenth for the time being, with ten points margin on the degradation line. Nevertheless, one has to worry, says Van Polen. From the week (Wednesday 24, February, red.) you have Willem II-ADO, who can reach seven points. We are in no position to worry at all. We have to worry very much. Maybe that awareness should come up with more, says the routinely. Whether that is there now? Yes, I may hope so g*dverd*mme…

Ðÿ¡ Bram of Poland is furious after the losing party against FC Emmen! #ï ¸ââ⃣ #emmpec
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 20, 2021